Welcome to PHTGRPH !

PHTGRPH enables you to create your own website and publish easily text, image or video. Your content will be presented in simple and responsive portfolios and pages with a simple vertical menu. And you will find a simple way to managed your content : everything can be created, modified and deleted from the administration face of the website.


  • Simple navigation, intuitive,
  • Easy to install and setup (30min),
  • No database,
  • Vertical menu,
  • Many style of portfolio : slideshow, vertical, thumbs and more to come,
  • Built with Kirby CMS, Zurb Foundation, OWL carousel,
  • Works with modern navigators,
  • Responsive,


To use PHTGRPH online you'll need a license of PHTGRPH (20€) and a license of KIRBY CMS (15€), the content management system included.